GrandPy Bot in «serverless» style

dans Réalisations  | Traductions : fr

This was a student project previously hosted on Github. I updated it to play with :

It is a robot grandfather talking about geographic memories and quoting Wikipedia fetching data over public APIs.

If you can speak French, have a talk with him (^_^)

Run yours !

Need some environment variables to run :

  • EMAIL_ADDRESS (Nominatim API)
  • GOO_API_KEY (not used but needed)

Locally :

It works as a simple single-page Flask application :

  • fork-it
  • set up a virtualenv : virtualenv .venv
  • install requirements : pip install -r requirements.txt
  • run it locally : python

On Gitlab :

Set up a AWS IAM profile on your AWS account and add valid environment variables in<namespace>/grandpy/settings/ci_cd :


Push it back and the CI script will :

  • put chat code on AWS Lambda with the magic of Zappa
  • edit JavaScript with the URL of the AWS API Gateway just updated
  • generate the HTML landing page (with a flask script)
  • deploy statics on gitlab-pages (HTML, images & CSS)

…and voilà, have a chat with GrandPy on https://<namespace> (-;

Feel free to give feedback using issues.